ACF Coarse filter

 ACF Coarsefilter liquid filtration

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V&T developed a special filter for the protection of pumps, pipe systems and process equipment against large particles.
The filter has a special construction and combines flow patterns and turbulence for the cleaning of a wedge wire filter element.
The filtration direction is from inside to outside. The cleaning is by the liquid itself and can be done manually or automatic. The cleaning cycle only takes 5 seconds.
When the solids are heavy and/or sticky, the separating mechanism can be assisted by a scraper mechanism.

Next to the back-wash ACF filter , V&T Group developed a new series with a mechanical cleaning system. A pneumatic cylinder moves a mechanical scraper over a wedge wire filter element in an axial direction. The difficult back-washable dirt (fibers , flakes of granules or organic waste) will be shoved to the outlet and drained away through the flush-valve.

As flush-valve we recommend a knife gate valve or a membrane valve. As alternative a ball-valve, with full bore (opening), can be chosen .
Flushing is regulated by a programmable timer and, if necessary, parallel linked with a dP control.
The cylinder can execute several strokes during a given flush cycle. A flush cycle of 5 seconds is enough to clean the entire filter element.
The filter is constructed from SS316L and can be cleaned with light acids against incrustation of calcium salts or organic material.





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