V&T Group BV

For all air and liquid filtration

Welcome on the website of V&T Group BV.
V&T Group is an international company with many offices and agents troughout Europe. For over 22 years we are the specialist to go to in the field of air and liquid filtration. Many large and smaller companies have found their way to our products and services. For example: TATA Steel, Heineken, Honda, Brand, Bavaria, Grolsch, Bel Leerdammer, Volkswagen, ZF Wind Power, Sabic, Umicore, Eon, Campina, Abbott Laboratories, but also drinking water companies and waste water plants.

We help our customers with solving all possible filtration challenges. We manufacture and deliver filter systems for drinking water, waste water, process water, intake and extraction (exhaust) air.

Our goal is to provide clean air and water wherever we go. People's safety and the environment are always our first concern. We are also very much aware of the social responsibility we have as a manufacturer of top-quality filter systems.

In order to guaranty the high quality of our products we manufacture according CE. In addition our manufacturing facility in Hungary is also ISO 9001 certified. Furthermore, we certify and manufacture our products according to EU and international standards which are valid for specific applications, like DWI and WRAS for drinking water, FDA and EU 10/2011 compliant for food safety and EN779:2012 and EN1822:2010 for air filtration.

On our website you will find more information on our products, services and company. Please, also feel free to contact us directly.