Air quality in working environment extremely poor

Air quality in working environment extremely poor

Yesterday, news programme Nieuwsuur, on Dutch television, showed a coverage about work related illness because of poor air quality. Very shocking, but not surprising. Per year 3700 people in the Netherlands die and 20.000 get ill because of their work. A large part of these people get sick, because of air pollution at work. Sources of pollution are mostly welding smoke, fine dust, paint-, lac- and oil mist, chemical vapours, fibre glass and stone.
We also regularly visit locations where the air quality is very poor. This has a big influence on the health of personel, who breath in this air on a daily basis.
We at V&T Group call upon owners and managers of companies, with this problem, to take action. We ask you to contact us. We will provide you with a free advise and a good solution.
Many people think filter systems always cost thousands of Euros, but this is a bedtime story. In many cases we can solve the worst problems with a small budget.