Air Purifier Air Cleaners

The Air Purifier air cleaners from V&T Group are the ideal solution for improving the indoor air quality. The Air Purifier sucks the polluted air in from two sides at the bottom of the unit and ejects the purified air at the top. These air cleaners improve the indoor air quality and decrease the need for fresh air from outside of the building, which results in lower energy consumption, because the air from outside has to be cooled or heated. Other advantages are the much lower cost price of the units in comparison to standard air conditioning units (HVAC) and the easy installation and start-up since no air ducts (pipes) have to be installed.
Despite the use of strong and economical EC ventilators inside of the Air Purifiers, the units don’t produce much noise. This is because the ventilator is placed between the pre-filter (panel filter) and the fine-filter (compact filter). The complete Air Purifier is also made of a double plated wall (inner wall made of galvanised steel and outer wall made of aluminium), which is isolated with rock wool.
Furthermore, it is very easy to adjust the filters to the customer’s wishes. Which means that the pre-filter can be made in the filter class (according to EN779:2012): G4, G4 + activated carbon (odour and dust reduction), M5 or even F7. The fine-filter is made in filter class (according to EN779:2012 and EN1822:2009): F7, activated carbon + F7 (fine-dust, odour and gas reduction), F8, F9, E10, E11, E12 or even H13 (HEPA). Because of the large amounts of potential filter combinations the Air Purifiers can be used for many applications and in many professional branches.
The Air Purifiers are completely adjustable because of the volume button, with which the capacity of the ventilator can be adjusted between 0 - 100 %. Other comforts of the systems are: the standard wheels underneath and the easy standard power supply of 230V.
There are two standard versions of the Air Purifier. Namely, one for 1700 m³/hour and one for 3400 m³/hour. On request it is possible to
construct the Air Purifier completely according the customer’s wishes. For example, the plating materials, colour, ventilator and of course the filters can be adjusted.

 Application areas:

- Laboratories
- Workshops
- Hospitals
- Nursing homes
- Manufacturing facilities
- Schools
- Recreation and gathering halls
- Restaurants
- Discotheques
- Office buildings
- Paint shops / spray booths

Quality marks:

- CE
- Tüv
- ISO 9001
- Energy class A+

On request:

- Atex explosion safe version
- Multiple coatings (such as epoxy)
- Stainless steal plating (walls)
- All possible colours
- Stickers (photo/pictures)
- Differential pressure indicators

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