How the MT-IBA operates  

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Through the inlet dirty water flows into the filter housing. Normal pollution rates are 1-10 mg/l or 1-5NTU. The filter elements on the rolls (MT-IBA-1 : 1 roll, MT-IBA-2 : 2 rolls, MT-IBA-4 : 4 rolls, MT-IBA-8 : 8 rolls) filter down to 0,5 micron depending on the flux rate. For waste water treatment at a flux of 200l/m2/h this results in a filtration level of 0,5 micron and for drinking water (at 3000-6000l/m2/h)  to 3-5 micron.
Each roll consists of 24 cassettes with multi core polyester fibers. The smaller particles are filtered by the fiber layers on a plastic drain support (image 1). Through this support the water flows into a pipe and down to the outlet chamber. When a set dP has been reached the flush pump starts and the common valve block based on a shifting device, closes the in/outlet and opens the drain . The content of the housing is drained. The flush valve opens and through high pressure nozzles which run forced by water pressure along the cassette fibers, water with 5-7 bar cleans the fibers.
The nozzle block runs 6 times up and down , turning each roll at the end of each stroke. After this flush cycle the flush valve closes and the valve block opens in/outlet and closes the drain. The flush pump stops and the filter is in service.

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