PK series bag filters

  • The PK series bag filters are made out of thermally bonded polyester and polypropylene fibres. These fibres provide a high filter efficiency and little pressure drop. Because of the thermal binding the fibres don't release during operation. Thereby the air quality is guaranteed.
  • Filter class G3 - F9 / ISO coarse 60% - ePM1 70%
  • All dimensions are possible. Next to the standard dimensions we can also provide you with custom made filters
  • The bag filters have the highest quality and to guaranty this high quality the filters are being manufactured in the EU according to EN779:2012 and ISO 16890
  • Provided with a strong ABS or steel frame
  • The bags are thermally and ultrasonically welded. This creates a 100% sealing and so a leak free filter
  • Very high dust collection capacity guarantees a long lifespan 



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