SCF (Self Cleaning Filter)

SCF (Self Cleaning Filter)

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The most effective self-cleaning filter system
More than thousand installations over the world
Easy to maintain
Filtered water continues to flow to the system during the back flush cycle.


The rinse control (dp-switch)(8) opens the flushing valve (butterfly valve) (5) and the cylinder (6) this causes the dirt load to flow out of the rotor chamber and the pressure drops in the rotor chamber, dirt collector and the nozzles (9). This causes a great pressure drop between the outside (dirt) of the filter element and the nozzles. This back flush mechanism cleans the filter through the suction nozzles.
The water and the passing dirt will bring the hydraulic motor into rotation and the cylinder moves axially. The combination of this axial and rotating movement causes the cleaning of the whole filter area. As the dirt on the fine filter is removed, the pressure difference disappears. The rinse control closes the flushing valves and the cylinder moves back to the start position. The system is now ready for the cleaning cycle. This cycle takes, depending on the filter type, about 5-15 sec.

Filtration range : 15-3000 micron
Compact system - Large capacity
100% effective cleaning on both sides of the filter
Short pay-back period 

Applications: Cooling water, liquid polishing, nozzle protection, process protection



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