Comp-AK compactfilter activated carbon + F7

  • Up to 2 kg of activated carbon for an effective reduction of odour and chemical or organic compounds in combination with F7 fine dust filtration
  • The layer of F7 filter fabric can be placed as well on the inlet side as the extraction side
  • Because the Comp-AK compact filters from V&T Group have a dept of 300 mm instead of 292 mm they have a larger filter surface. This results in a longer operating lifespan and lower energy costs
  • The filters are manufactured in The Netherlands according to EN779:2012 
  • Filter class F7
  • Provided with a strong ABS frame
  • The filters are manufactured with water resistant micro fibre glass filter fabric and a layer of activated carbon
  • Available in all standard dimensions 
  • Also available without F7 layer

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