Filter systems and HVAC air treatment cabinets

The filter systems and HVAC air treatment cabinets from V&T Group BV are Always custom made in close contact with the customer. This sounds expensive, but is in fact more affordable, because the customer decides what the system should look like and which accessories have to be added. In this way you could choose for a simple filter cabinet with a manually controlled ventilator or a complete HVAC air treatment cabinet with heat return system (energy saving), automated controls and high grade filters.
Of course we will provide you with our technical advise, but the customer decides.
On picture 2 you can see a good example of a very specific filter system that was totally manufactured to the customer's wishes. It's a filter system for a small cleanroom with a 3D printer in which acetone is released during the process. The filter system had to circulate the air, remove the acetone, filter the air on H13 (HEPA) level and had to be affordable. The result: a simple filter system with 3 filter stages (F7 pre-filtration, activated carbon cylinders with acid washed carbon and a H13 high capacity HEPA filter) and a manually controlled EBM-PAPST ventilator. Other accessories and insulation were not necessary, so the customer could be supplied with a affordable and still very effective filter system.

Why filter systems and HVAC air treatment cabinets from V&T Group BV:

  • Custom made
  • Manufactured in the Netherlands and Germany
  • Available in many versions (ATEX expolsion safe for example for offshore, versions for high pressure applications, hygienic versions for hospitals, Laboratories and foodstuffs manufacturing)
  • Single-walled and double-walled with many possible insulation materials (Armaflex, Akotherm polyester wool, PIR foam, fibre glass, rockwool etc.)
  • Available in many different materials (galvanised steel, aluminum, stainless steel 304 and 316L and coated steel)
  • Manufacturing of HVAC air treatment cabinets according to CE, RLT and Tüv
  • Available with all possible accessories
  • Provided with EBM-PAPST ventilators (made in Germany) 

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