VT filter cabinets / filter housings

  • As well insulated as non-insulated
  • Every filter section is provided with a detachable inspection panel with handle
  • All dimensions are available
  • Can easily be installed in air ducts and pipes
  • The filter cabinets / filter housings can be provided with extras, such as: diffirential pressure indicators and (conical) converters
  • Available on request: high pressure and ATEX (explosion safe) versions
  • Suitable for: panel filters, bag filters, compact filters, activated carbon cartridges and HEPA filters
  • Multiple filter cabinets / filter housings can also easily be attached to eachother
  • Provided with EPDM strips or endless polyurethane sealing
  • Available in different materials: galvanised steel, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316L, aluminum and coated steel
  • Available with many different coatings and colours

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