All our air filters in the range of G2 - F9 are tested according to the current standard EN779:2012. We cooperate with several independent European testing laboratories to guarantee the delivery of the highest quality air filters.
Since September 2012, a few changes were introduced to the European standard EN779:2002. 

The two most important changes are:

  • F5 and F6 become M5 and M6. The M stands for Medium Efficiency Filter. The filtration efficiency of these filters does not change.  M5 filters have an average efficiency of > 40% ≤ Em < 60% and M6 filters of 60% ≤ Em < 80%
  • For air filters of classifications F7, F8 and F9 (fine filters), the new standard stipulates a minimum efficiency (ME) of F7 > 35% / F8 > 55% / F9 > 70% for 0,4 µ particles.
In case you would like to receive a schematic overview of the filter classes you can request them by contacting us.

Testing laboratories

Our air filters are tested in renowned independent European laboratories, for example Fiatec in Germany and VTT in Finland.